Our Vision: Nutraceutical

WHAT ANIMATED US: the idea of a food safety, which was connected not only to the ways the products are prepared. Something which went beyond was necessary. It was necessary to create new products, which were good as well as healthy, in order to satisfy the needs of those people, who were ghettoized because of new illnesses connected to nutrition (such as the celiac disease). A safe and innovative planning of the product was necessary, so that everybody could enjoy the pleasure of our territory in the same way and without fearing limitations.


Secial Focus: Glutens Line

With the new gluten-free products, we have wanted to bring our concrete contribution to intolerant people. These people were previously marginalized because of an illness and they could not enjoy the wide and excellent assortment of our traditional products. Thanks to our project, today the gluten-free products can be sold also in the bakery and in complete safety. Our commercial partners do not need to do any effort or to have any particular certification. I nostri partner commerciali non hanno bisogno di sforzarsi o di avere alcuna certificazione specifica.


Product Innovation

In choosing the raw materials and the ingredients, we have been very accurate. That is the reason why we have been able to create and to obtain a final product, which is very close to the traditional one. All the raw materials we use are high-quality: for example we use only extra virgin olive oil, mozzarella 100%, first choice tomato pulp. The result is an amazing product, which allows all the consumers to enjoy a striking taste and flavor.

…Our Raw Materials…

The selection of our raw materials is made by following two principles: food safety and quality of the product.

Process Innovation

Innovation and Safety

Our Packaging

Always 100% sure for a gluten-free product.

Our Certifications


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